Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 5-year project

After reading Mama Bethany's post about her daughter's JCPenney portraits, I thought I'd post what I've done with my kids' JCP portraits.

I save a wallet-size photo from each of their sittings---from 3 months to 5 years.  Then after their 5-year portrait (after which I stop doing JCP photos and just purchase the school photos), I have these wallets framed all together.

This is N's.  (These photos are terrible because I couldn't use the flash or there would be bright spots all over from the glass and gloss.)

I will have the boys' photos finished in matching frames.  N's is above my dresser, and eventually I will have all 3 hanging there.  When I die, the kids can have their portrait collages, but until then I'm going to savor being able to glimpse how quickly my children's childhoods passed.

This is what I have so far for G---come September, I will be able to get his framed, which sorta blows my mind.  It seemed like it took forever to get N's done.  Of all of my children, G's life has passed most quickly.

It sorta bugs me that the 3-year photo is horizontal, while the others are vertical, but it's not like I can do anything about it.   It also sorta bugs me that all the backgrounds are not the same, but I try to remember that the photos capture a moment in time (and their outfits at that particular moment might have looked terrible with another background), and the whole point is to see the kids' faces and growth.  

And M's:

I am also saving Spring school picture wallets, which are usually better than the Fall ones (which are used for the yearbook and have that "Deer in the Headlights" look about them).  Those start in 3-year-old preschool and will be saved until high school.

I'm still waiting to receive N's 2nd grade Spring portrait, but here is 2 years of preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade.

I like for the photos throughout the house to be current---what the kids look like now---for the most part, but doing these allow me to savor some of the delight of when the kids were very young.


Bethany Haid said...

YES!! This is excellent. You are a great forward-thinker.

Here is a tip for you, a frugal one - so when you get additional photos from JCP, just order the large photo - then scan it. Then print it at Snapfish or wherever in wallet size. This way you get more photo poses for your buck. I think its probably illegal or inappropriate, but I bought the photo CD once and HOLY COW. That is 90 I will never see again for just a digital image I don't use much. They scan so well at that large size, and shrink perfectly to the wallet size.

Keri said...

Wow. Those little montages definitely bring it home just how quickly they grow up before your eyes.

Great pictures of your very photogenic kids, by the way.

Kelsey said...

LOVE this idea. It makes me want to run to my files and see if I have the correct wallets to do it myself. Thank you for sharing!