Friday, May 31, 2013

The constant work of staying engaged

When I had N, I was in her face constantly, interacting with her, reading to her, pretending with her.  As a first time mom and obsessive person, I thought I was making her brain expansive and ensuring her brilliance.  I think it made me crazy.

I am a much more relaxed mom with my boys, and by that I mean I don't give them constant attention.  I am older and more tired mostly because of my increased cleaning, cooking and taxi-cab responsibilities.

I do feel guilty about this sometimes....that I am unable/unwilling to spend oodles of time in G and M's faces.  So I blog and post pictures of things I have done with them that make me feel better about my mothering and give them proof that I was occasionally a creative mom who played with them.....

and took photos of them in costume for their scrapbooks.

I hope this makes up for all my Facebook venting.  

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