Thursday, January 3, 2013

The things I would indulge in

I have actually thought that once our children are gone we will have very little in our house.  Most of the stuff we have is kid-related.  I'm not a chatzky/knick-knack/whatmenot person in the least.  The stuff I do have on my shelves and walls has meaning to me.  A travel souvenir, a book I love, a photo album, some pottery.

But if I weren't so cheap, there are some things I would buy often.

The first is anything from The Company Store, like this.  OMG!  Their sheets are outstanding.  Very pricey, so I only buy on clearance.  But there is no shrinking and stretched out elastic on fitted sheets.  The colors are bright and don't fade.  And you don't have to buy entire matchy-matchy sets.  You can coordinate and be creative and oh, it is simply wonderful.

Or would be if I could/would indulge more frequently than I do.

The other thing I would buy more of are witty t-shirts that are usually about things English-related, like this or this.

And that is it.

These things and a newly opened jar of peanut butter are 3 stairs on the path to heaven. 

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