Thursday, January 24, 2013

Me and my big ideas

I often get these "great" ideas, which truly are pretty great, but they also happen to be time-consuming.  Having children was one of them.

So my first great idea of the moment is to expand on our very small neighborhood pet-sitting operation.  We have two neighbors for whom we pet-sit periodically.  One of the neighbors has two cats.  N and the boys give them fresh water if needed, love on them and feed them treats while I clean up the litter boxes.  The other neighbor has a freakishly long-lived goldfish whom we feed.  The kids enjoy their job as "pet-sitters" and earn a little money.

I thought we'd send out fliers to the neighborhood for the summer stating that my gang will pet-sit for $10 a day so that the pets can stay at home and the pet-owner doesn't have the expense of a kennel.  We can feed and water them, let dogs outside to do their business, bring in newspapers and mail.  N is old enough that I am going to teach her the fine art of litter box cleaning this year.  I thought we can divide up the payments between the kids, like $4 to N since she will do most of the work, $3 for G, $2 for M and $1 will go towards a charity, maybe the Humane Society?  This would be a little experiment for the kids on earning money and learning how to divide it up into spending/saving/donating.  (We already do this but this would be on a larger scale.)

My other great idea is to contact some larger scale magazines about either 1. selling some of my already-written freelance stuff to them for second serial rights or 2. writing new stuff for them.  I don't really expect anything to happen, but I'm never gonna know what could happen if I don't try.  And it boils down to mailing a letter and making some copies of the stuff I've published.

But that is just one more thing on top of all the stuff I do already which right now is planning 2 Valentine parties for N's and G's classes, making a class project for the school auction, and continuing in my role as Girl Scout troop leader and general cookie dope pusher.

And I still have to paint the kids' bathroom.

I really think I need to develop a tv-watching habit because all this productivity is tiring.

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