Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things for which I am thankful

I like doing the Facebook "Every day of November thankful" list, but I try not to write the I am thankful for my family.  If I'm going to mention my family, it is to write of things they do or say that reminds me why I love them.  The funny or the silly or the just plain weird.

And I especially like to think of things that most of the time I really never even consider because I'm too focused on the big picture.  

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving and to rid my blog of the oh-so-serious posts I have been writing, I shall list some obscure things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful for----

1. Fingernail clippers (because chronic nail pickers like me need to be able to snip those picked at nails).

2. Bread machines (because it makes me feel all Suzie Homemaker without actually kneading bread myself).

3. Kinnect (because I am getting a moment's peace while my children improve their manual dexterity).

4. Hand-me-down clothes from my brother's kids.

5. The knowledge that this is my last rodeo enduring the tantrums of a 3-year-old.  

6. Yoga pants

7. Sensitive skin products

8. Good neighbors

9. Being able to look back at pictures of adventures I've had in my life.

10. The smooth surface of a newly opened peanut butter jar.

11. Cooking a recipe that my husband really likes instead of just tolerates.

12. Children's vitamins (and the anxieties they alleviate).

13. The fact that there are no actual penalties for not following through with New Year's resolutions.

14. My ability to write and have a sense of humor (sometimes).

15. Being a boyly-girl instead of a girly-girl. (Because who needs all that makeup and frou-frou clothing and purses and jewelry).  

16. M's belly laughs when I pull the wagon over the curb and he falls from his seat into the middle on his butt.  

17. The fact that G takes after his dad by getting so tickled remembering something funny that he just laughs his head off and talks unintelligibly when he tries to explain what he is remembering.  

18. N's good nature and general kindness.  

19. Short hairstyles

20. Watching my children shake their groove things.  

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