Monday, November 26, 2012

A day in which I did a lot but it appears I did mostly nothing

Most of the time I like to be out-and-about, but some days it is good to have nothing planned and just do an errand, do house chores, putz around with the boys a bit.

The problem for a highly motivated, goal-setting person like me is that on these days it is difficult for me to recognize that I accomplished anything.  I guess this is the rub of being a full-time mom whose main workload is within the confines of my home.  Much of what I do is behind closet doors or in the freezer, or it is a work-in-progress that won't be completed for awhile.

For example, today I stripped all the beds and put new sheets on.  Since I make the beds pretty much every day, it looks like I did nothing out of the ordinary.

I soaked red beans in water for tomorrow's dinner.

I cooked a chicken, cut all the meat off to freeze and made my own chicken stock.

Other things I did today that fly under the radar of accomplishment:

*bathed the boys (ok, I let them paint with soap paint so after they'd been in the soapy water for 35 minutes I figured they at least smelled clean.  I didn't actually take a washcloth to most of their bodies.)

*cleaned the kids' toilet.

*hung N's clothes and put them in her closet.

* mailed a package at the post office and bought stamps to send our Christmas letters.

*bought N a birthday gift (The beauty of her February birthday is that I can grab holiday deals and just hold them for her).

*worked on 3 different holiday gift craft projects.

And this was in addition to feeding the boys and myself lunch, playing with them, reading to them, getting them down for nap, folding bedsheets, washing more laundry, fixing supper, helping N with homework, coloring with G, practicing piano, helping N practice piano, and assisting N after her shower.

After almost 9 years, I have certainly adjusted to life as a stay-at-home mom, but it is the system of accolades and promotions with which I still have issues.

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Bethany Haid said...

I understand and relate. I think only people would notice if you didn't - if you served mcds for dinner or bought last minute gifts. No, they would not notice slacker mom either. But you did things the right way, and if you were a Christian you'd have the idea of working for a heavenly reward, so there's that!