Sunday, August 5, 2012

The last round of musical beds in this family

Up until about 2 weeks ago, M was still sleeping in the toddler daybed (converted from his crib).  When he started climbing in bed with me and G (my old twin bed from when I was a kid) during nap time, I knew it was time to just get on with it and get him into a big boy bed.  He will be 3 in October, but he is way younger than either of the other when they got their big kid beds.  (So young, in fact, that he doesn't even understand the coolness of getting a big boy bed and refuses to sit on it so I can snap a photo.)

D and I had numerous discussions about what to do in the boys' room regarding beds.  We had eliminated the possibility of bunk-beds.  Although they look nice and are space savers, we didn't want to spend that much time or money in our local emergency room.  We had discussed converting the crib into a full-size bed for G and letting M have my old twin, but we decided this would open up a world of fights ("I want the big bed!"  "NO!  I want the big bed!), and lord knows, they already argue enough.  Purchasing another twin bed was our choice.

Our home is certainly no Pottery Barn Kids, but I wanted to find another bed in at least the same wood tone as my childhood bed, since we also have a large dresser that matches it in the boys' room.  I wanted things to look sorta coordinated.  

I began my bed shopping on craigslist, since I really didn't want to spend a gazillion dollars on a headboard/footboard since we knew we'd have to purchase a mattress too.  I saw a posting for a maple twin bed, $60, being sold near my home.  

Imagine my shock and surprise when I clicked the link and saw......

MY CHILDHOOD BED.  The EXACT same childhood bed I slept in my entire childhood that is now upstairs in the boys' room.

A phone call, a short car ride, $60 later (ok, considerably more than that because we ended up buying 2 new mattresses since the ones on G's bed were almost 20 years old, AND then I purchased some vintage Incredible Hulk sheets and brand new Avenger sheets for the boys), we have this:

Their beds are sandwiched next to each other for numerous reasons---
1. So we can all snuggle together to read books before bed.
2. So I can lay in the middle and touch both boy as they fall asleep. (The crack isn't the most comfy place but it is better than being the middle of a G & M sandwich on a twin.)

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