Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some time in the mountains

In late July, the 5 of us spent a few days in the mountains with my brother, my SIL, their 3 kids, and my parents.  I can't say it was quiet (there were 6 kids there, ranging from age 2-8), nor was it relaxing (kids again), but it was fun and made for some great memories!

We stopped by the Cumberland Gap briefly on the way to the mountains.  

 One foot in KY and one in VA.

Our first full day in the mountains we did a motor tour and some all-family hiking.  Shockingly, we saw no deer.  It is impossible to keep 6 kids quiet without near fatal doses of drugs (not that I tried or researched it or anything).

Somehow, M managed to get tired even though Mama was packing his arse around most of the time.

After we recovered from hiking, we played mini golf.

Our cabin was nice.  D took some beautiful shots from the deck.  

One afternoon, the entire gang went white-water rafting, or as G called it, "canoozing."  

Fun in the cabin. Thank g*d for the game room.  

Our last day was busy with morning hiking, a visit to the aquarium and some toe-dipping in the river late afternoon. 

G did not cover his eyes for the aquarium as he did at the dinosaur exhibits and historical museum in our town....only his ears this time. He heard a sound upon walking in that freaked him out.

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