Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not so deep thoughts

Here is what has been running through my mind lately.....

*I love my children, but I hate watching them play Kinnect video games.  Or any video games.  Video games are just not my thing.  Nor is watching tv.  I can handle a movie....occasionally (although I have rarely finished a movie with the kids because someone always needs something during it requiring that I get up and miss various parts).

My kids, though, like me to watch them play video games.  So I do.  Sorta.  Blogging at the same time about how much I dislike watching them play video games.  Of course, I have to stop typing repeatedly to help them fix the Xbox or just now.  This is so their daddy's area of expertise, and I generally tell them to do it with him.  But some days, I'm not so lucky.

*I miss waking up gradually, especially now that I am stepping more firmly into middle age.  I miss stretching my limbs, yawning, laying in the half-wakefulness of the morning.  Being awoken from a dead sleep at 6:00 am every morning and having to get up immediately, tripping down the steps in a fog, is not cool.

*Nutsedge grass sucks.

*I am really, really glad I have 3 children because it makes me really, really done with whatever phase we've just finished.  It is a nice not linger with sentimental weepiness about not ever having another baby.  And I don't want a puppy either.

*My arm muscles look really quite good since my friends and I switched from at-home bootcamp to at-the-gym bootcamp.  I'd be lying if I said I don't make muscle poses in the bathroom mirror.

*Having children means constantly hemorrhaging money.  And while I am glad that we have the funds to cover things, it still sucks to have to take chunks of that hard-saved money and pay for bills.  I don't have to worry how I will pay bills, but I do worry about how long it will take me to recoup savings.  

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