Monday, June 5, 2017

I will probably be fired

I have been tasked with an advertising project for the family of magazines I have written for since 2010.

It would not be hyperbole to say I am hating it a little bit.

It isn't the writing---that is fine. I can roll the writing out like a machine.

What is maddening beyond belief is the scheduling or, more specifically, the lack of scheduling on the part of the individuals I am supposed to be getting on the schedule for their interviews.

I, unfortunately, take deadlines pretty seriously, an affliction that no one but me seems to have.

My editor has linked me to a spreadsheet where I am supposed to note my progress--contact made, when the interview is done, when the article is submitted, etc.

My tolerance for scheduling frustration is quite low, so I am now posting these kinds of commentary in the spreadsheet:

--STILL playing phone tag with this lady
--I'm getting tired of calling this chick
--(sound of Carrie whistling) deadline is totally optional, people. Just ignore me.

I KNOW that a big part of my problem is me.

My deadline is a rolling one beginning June 20. I've got the intro and one of the articles written but not submitted because I had a question to which I am waiting for an answer.

I've got time.

But we've got camp in two weeks which will make me pretty much unavailable for five working days.  When I return home each day at 4 pm, I will be smelly and dead.

And I just hatehatehatehatehatehatehate the waiting for people to respond.  I always have....from the time I was a preteen.

I'm telling myself this is the continuation of character building in my 40-something self, but it just sucks, and I just suck at character building.

I worry that they may fire me (or stop hiring me) for articles due to my spreadsheet commentary.

Unless, of course, they give it to me because no one else wants to deal with this shit.

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