Thursday, March 24, 2016

More appropriate cussing?

G has been reading a new book series.  I figured since he is so completely gaga over mythological creatures he would like it.  

He was reading about the Cretan bull and didn't like that Heracles stabbed it.  He said, "Heracles is an a-word hole."  

It is endearing that he is both so determined to use inappropriate words and so determined to not get in trouble for cussing.  

Last night, D and I spent some time rethinking our own use of cuss words to make them more G-like:

Mother F-word-er
God D-word-it

Although I think these are hilarious, I suspect I'd be violating George Orwell's "Politics of Language" ideas if I began to use these.  The two D-words would be especially problematic.  

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Jennifer said...

And, not nearly as satisfying to say "D-word" or "S-word!" A psychological study was done that showed that saying cuss words of your choice (vs. an assigned word that was not a cuss word) actually reduced participants perception of pain when they were made to hold their hands in ice water for a period of time. See- there's scientific evidence that cussing is good for you!