Monday, March 21, 2016

Errr. I might be a little scurred.

I turned in my paperwork to substitute teach and got my TB test.  As soon as my references submit their forms, and I go back for my TB re-check, I can be processed.  I guess because I've taught for the district before they fast-tracked me for orientation.  Thank goodness.  This process is as slow as molasses.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shaking in my boots.  And not because I'm concerned about the outcome of my tuberculosis screen.

The hope is that I can sub at the boys' elementary school or N's middle school 5 days a month (this is the minimum I have to sub in order to stay in the rolls and as much as I care to sub anyway).  There is another elementary and another middle school nearby where I can also sub that wouldn't take me completely out of my way.

I'm not concerned about subbing at the elementary schools, but the middles.....

It has been a decade since I was in a public school middle setting.

I do teach 6-12th graders at the cottage school, but that couldn't be a more different vibe from public.  No chance of swinging punches there.

In an effort to re-acclimate myself, I've been working in N's middle bookstore occasionally, which is during the lunch room chaos.  There have been two reasons for this---one, to help myself get used to the feel again and two, to put my face there for students to see.

I keep telling myself that I did this before, I can do this again.

I am having to tell myself that on a never-ending loop.  I hope I start believing it soon.  

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