Monday, July 13, 2015

If your child is a weirdo, he/she will find a weirdo to love

I don't believe in soulmates or any of that junk, but I do think that many of the weirdest people end up finding an equally weird person with whom to live and love.  They have equally weird friends who they hook up with for dinner or discussion.

Many of these people are related to me.  (Heck, I might be one of them for all I know.)

You know, those weird family members who, when they walk up and start talking, make everyone who has been sitting there contently for 3 hours decide they have to immediately go to the bathroom or refresh their drinks or check on the kids.  (Typically, there is one "nice" relative who gets stuck listening to the weirdo and waits for someone to "save" him/her.)

And I've thought to myself, "How in the world did that person ever find that other person to marry?"  And they are fortunate they did find that person because who else would put up with their crazy sh*t?

I find myself thinking about these weird relatives of mine whenever I think of G.  Maybe it is because we are halfway through summer break?  Maybe it is because I've been spending WAY too much time with him, especially in the car when there is no distraction for either of us?

The other day, I told him, "I don't think you will ever find someone to marry if you talk to them about their poochy bellies the way you talk to me."  He criticized my do-rag, and I responded with something like, "Good luck getting dates with people when you get older if you are going to share your opinion about everything and criticize everything about them."

I realize he is 7, but he needs to learn to put a dang filter on it.

I worry that he will live in a bare apartment playing video games when he is 40.  I know that isn't the worst that can happen to him.  I suspect my MIL had similar worries about her own son, and he ended up with awesome ole me.

So I try to remind myself that the most unbearable cads I know have managed to fall in love, have families and, even if not forever, have some type of relationship fulfillment in their lives.  They have friends, who may also be unbearable cads, but they are unbearable cads together.

You take solace where you can get it.

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