Saturday, March 14, 2015

My newest (old) concern about the middle school situation

Recently, I received an email and heard some grumbling about an SBDM meeting at CroMS related to over-crowding and the school's optional program.  This is not the first time I'd heard about such meetings on the topic.  

What was news to me was a newspaper article mention that the school has a special exemption from the fire district due to overcrowding.  


Apparently, the school doesn't have to follow the fire codes to the letter (hence, the exemption).

While I calmed down about overcrowding once I toured the school, I didn't even think about fire codes until I read this article.  

This district calls off school for an entire day because we are expected to get massive snow in 7 hours all in the name of SAFETY.  And yet, somehow fire codes aren't important enough of a safety issue.

I am this close to sending a letter to the superintendent asking this very question.  

This rankles me to the core.  I have no issue with CroMS as a school, but why in heaven's name would I send my kid to a school that knowingly and intentionally violates fire codes when she can get a perfectly sound education in our resides school that is totally not overcrowded?  

D and I talked about it.  He suggested if N does get accepted, I go and talk to the principal and counselor.  If I'm not satisfied, then we explain our reasoning to N and send her to CarMS.  

Honestly, N doesn't want to leave her elementary school.  Throughout this whole process, she never once acted interested or impressed with either school.  She only applied because her best friend applied.  If she was excited and thrilled with CroMS, I would feel like at least she wants to go there. As it stands, she doesn't appear to give much of a sh*t, which makes me feel like it doesn't really matter where she why not go where mom prefers?  

Every day I am checking the mailbox, and every day I am hoping that she doesn't get accepted into the optional program.  I am also considering whether I could violate my morals by lying to my daughter and telling her she didn't get in (if she does get accepted).  

I won't, of course, but I am having a very, very difficult time not pulling the "I'm your mother and what I say goes" card.

I can't believe I thought all that babyhood stuff was a pain in the rear. 


Heather Mohr said...

It infuriates me to no end. They are overcrowded by choice. They have numerous unapproved "programs" to lure kids from outside their enrollment area all the while hoping the district will reshuffle "those" kids. It pisses me off.

Peggy said...

Carrie, this seems like a no-brainer to me. Why would anyone send their most precious item(s), five days a week, to a building that doesn't follow fire safety rules??? I don't see that having to lie would be necessary, just tell N that you won't feel safe with her at that school, explain why, and that's the end of the discussion. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.