Sunday, March 29, 2015

GAH! There shouldn't even BE a 4th place

I like to think God has a sense of humor.  Sometimes I suspect he/she mocks me.

Yesterday, D took N to the awards ceremony for the district's elementary academic competitions.  I had been hoping she wouldn't win.

She placed 4th in fine arts.

There shouldn't even be a 4th place as far as I'm concerned.
(Does that make me an a-hole mom for saying that?)
(I don't care if it does.)

Both D and I made our comments:  "Imagine what place you could have come in if you'd actually prepared and studied for the assessment?"

Her response:  "Well, at least I got 4th."

I hate it when life has the opportunity to teach my child a lesson, and life doesn't listen.

D said she was very surprised to hear her name called, and I think her excitement, which was tempered from last year's 3rd place (and mine and D's certainly were) is an indication that even if you get an award it doesn't feel as good as when you've actually worked hard to achieve that award.

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