Wednesday, April 23, 2014

News of the EVEN weirder

D sliced his finger open about two weeks ago in a freak dish-washing accident, which means I have been both cooking AND cleaning up.  I would have made just a terrible pioneer woman because I hate all this housekeeping work.

With him being out of dish-washing commission, I recognized how much he does for which I really don't often mentally or verbally give him credit.

The first few days after his injury I even had to clean the litter box out, which I haven't done since my first pregnancy 11 years ago.

He hasn't been able to help with baths, either, although our routine generally tends to be that I bath the boys and he dries off and dresses.  But there have been some occasions when I needed him to wash them while I was doing something with N, and he wasn't able to do so.

All this annoying appreciating of him, along with my thoughts on being on the periphery, made me realize how well-suited he and I are for each other.

I've said jokingly really totally seriously but people think I'm joking that the reason I married him was due to his complete lack of interest in sports.  He also tends to like independent and/or obscure movies rather than macho dude flicks, which is a big plus.

But it occurred to me that what he and I really have in common is our general insistence on doing things our own way, our quiet disdain for authority, and our feelings of being outside the fold.  We just sorta get each other.  He thinks I'm funny all the time, and I think he's not funny most of the time, but when he is funny it is totally worth all those other times when his sense of humor falls in the just plain goofy category.

Now this does not mean I think he is my soulmate.  I abhor that word and wouldn't call him or anyone my soulmate unless a gun was pointed at my head.

But occasionally, I do understand that in its own way, our relationship does actually feed my soul a bit.

Now to take my temperature because this is the second totally-unlike-Carrie posts in a row.  

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