Monday, April 28, 2014

A train wreck I love, love to watch

I have a "hobby" that is embarrassing especially since I pride myself on being well-educated and well-read.
Here it is:
I love to read about Tori Spelling, especially now that her husband has cheated on her.

It is sick.....this interest I have in those two idiots.
I don't watch their show for two reasons:  1. I don't watch television at all, and 2. their idiocy would be a little too in-my-face, and I can only handle reading about it on

What I enjoy about them is that they are a fine example of karma biting one in the arse.

They both cheated on their spouses (with each other).  This violates a cardinal rule I have about marriage, which is, "If you want to be divorced, get divorced, but until the divorce is final you are still married and should keep your paws off other people and instruct them to keep their paws off you."

I don't know if this is leftover from my Catholicism days or if I have a latent Puritanical streak, but it really peeves me when people date while they are still married.  If your relationship is in shambles, it builds character to muddle through the fallout alone without immediately jumping into another relationship.

What is too good about this situation is that she is giving him grief over cheating.  When SHE cheated with him.  Clearly being the daughter of a gazillionaire keeps one from understanding that lovely phrase, "If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you."

I learned my lesson young as someone who, at 19 years old, broke a boyfriend's heart by cheating and got my own ass seized by karma's talons.   I'm not up on a perfect pedestal casting judgment.  (Ok, maybe I am.)

But I'm doing it from the "Geez, I feel sorry for their kids because their parents' judgment is so fucked up because they are making a show and money from their marital discord and therapy sessions, and that is all kinds of inappropriate."

And, like the news reports of women who microwave their children and other negligent actions that make me feel better on my worst days of mothering my children, Tori and Dean make me feel that, while D and I don't have a perfect relationship, we haven't done THAT.

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