Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cheapo bathroom redo

This is what the kids' bathroom used to look like:

The problem with doing any kind of permanent "art" on the wall is that if you get tired of it (as I did), you have to repaint to remove it.  I wonder about folks who spends thousands of dollars on a wall mural and whether they get tired of it after a few years.  I was so darned sick of looking at fish.

This summer I completed my transformation of the bathroom to a "pirate" theme, since all 3 of the kids think pirates are way cool.  But as is my way, I did it as frugally as possible and did it so that if I tire of this "theme" in a few years I don't have to repaint everything but can just change out some wall hangings.

(I had painted the walls using the grey I bought for the garage when I redid that last fall.  So I don't count that cost since technically it was just leftovers from another project.)

The striped shower curtain was about $20.  The rug in front of the cabinet was about $25.  Those were my most expensive purchases.

The big pirate canvas by the towels I got at Goodwill for $7.  The glass container for shells was also a Goodwill find ($3).

I bought 3 $5 canvases from Michaels and 2 bottles of $1 paint.  I took shells from this summer's beach vacation and hot glued them onto the canvases.  I eye-balled an anchor photo from Google images and painted that.

The "Where there be seas, there be pirates" picture was fun to make.  I took an old map from the basement and Mod-Podged it onto the canvas.  Then I printed out a pirate-like font on paper, soaked it in tea and after it had dried I burned it in places to make it look weathered.

The wooden pirate sign and black mermaid I bought on our vacation (under $15 total).  The pirate ship on a saw-blade was painted and given to me by my Uncle B many years ago.

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