Thursday, August 29, 2013

1 week to go

One week from tomorrow I will be, ahem, teaching again.

When I first accepted the position I freaked out a bit, worrying that my students will be smarter than me (since most of the home-schooled children I've met are very, very bright).  I had to remember that I do have 23+ years of experience and maturity on them and 2 college degrees, so hopefully I will have something to impart.

Since May I have re-read the following novels (which has been fun but has really put a cramp in my book club attendance):
Fever 1793
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Odyssey
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

I just started my re-read of The Count of Monte Cristo last night and have to re-read Medea, but the students' daily assignments for everything else are planned.   I will post their assignments online on Friday evenings/Saturday mornings, they will do the work by Thursday evening, and we will meet to discuss, explore, explain, review, on Friday mornings/early afternoons.

While I am excited about this experience and have been putting a lot of effort into researching projects, activities and assignments, perhaps the best thing is knowing that I don't HAVE to do it.  It is for my own enjoyment and professional fulfillment, really.  I think this cuts through the anxiety of "Will I do well?" and "Will I be hired for the following year?"  (Although if I enjoy myself, I certainly do hope to be invited back.)

My middle school class will run from 10-11:15, and then my high school class will run from 12:30-1:30, leaving me a break in the middle to plan or read or conference with students when they are working on their writing pieces.  Or eat.  I need to remember to do that too.

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