Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Taylor Swift concert-going with one's daughter

N and I attended the recent Taylor Swift concert.  I have not been to a concert in probably 10 years, and I have to say that shows seem a little bit different from what I am/was used to.

Also, I am a dinosaur.

Let's do a little Then and Now comparison.

Concerts Then:  "Awesome! I am so stoked!!!"
Concerts Now:  "Meh."
(I don't dislike Taylor Swift, but I doubt I'd listen to her if I didn't have a 9-year-old daughter.)

Concerts Then:  "I smell POT!"
Concerts Now: "Damn, where's the pot smell?"

Concerts Then: "Look at that cute guy!"
Concerts Now: "Gee, my kid is cute in her little dress, swaying and singing."

Concerts Then:  No earplugs and days of tinnitus....
Concerts Now:  "We have to wear earplugs so we don't get tinnitus."

Concerts Then: "ROCK THAT GUITAR!!"
Concerts Now: "Hmmmm, isn't it interesting how he (Ed Sheeran) is able to loop that sound and make one guitar sound like full instrumentation?"

Concerts Then: "I hope this lasts forever!!!!"
Concerts Now:  "I hope this ends before 10 so N gets a decent night of sleep."

I really enjoyed Ed Sheeran's set, but since I am a dinosaur I prefer the singer w/ a guitar thing.  Taylor's numbers were very theatrical, but due to all the costume changes and such there was a lag afterwards so momentum wasn't continuous.  I thought her best numbers were when she was just pickin' and singin'.

I told D after we got home that Taylor Swift is wooden.  Her "interaction" with the audience seemed rehearsed and forced.  I doubt anyone under 30 would have caught onto that, but compared to Ed Sheeran she was like a mannequin in terms of personality.

Regardless of what I thought, I didn't go for me.  I went for N, and she says she had a great time. It was really cool to watch her taking it all in, and from her child's perspective I can see how the theatrical nature of the show really ramped up the wonder of it all.

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