Sunday, May 19, 2013

My day-planner from the past few weeks

This week marks the END of nearly constant busyness, and I am thankful.

While I am not looking forward to being with all three of my children come early June, I am very glad to have a break from track practice & meets, Girl Scouts, ensemble practice and performances, and a seemingly endless string of doctor visits (although with M's pending myringotomy/adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy, we'll be doing our fair share of ENT and audiologist appointments).

I want to record what my day-planner has looked like the past few weeks so that I can remember just how busy I was with 3 children ages 9, 5 and 3.  This doesn't include exercising (which I like to fit in so that I have the energy to maintain this breakneck speed), errands and pathetic attempts to keep my house a little bit clean.

Week of April 22
M--Track practice, 3:50-4:45; Piano lesson 6:30-7:30
T--Ensemble practice, 8:00; Track meet 5:00
W--Gynecologist appt, 9:20; Girl Scout meeting, 6:00
Th--Ensemble practice, 8:00; N's orthodontist appt 10:30
F--N's field trip, 9:30-11:45
Sa--Swim lessons, 10:00-11:00; N track meet, 10:00; G to friend b-day party, 3:30

Week of April 29
M--Dentist appt all 3 kids, 9:00; Track practice, 3:50-4:45; Piano lesson 6:30-7:30
T-- Ensemble practice, 8:00; Carrie haircut, 6:30
W--Job interview, 10:00
Th--Ensemble practice, 8:00, G playdate 12:15
F--No school

Week of May 6
M--ENT appt 11:00; Track practice, 3:50-4:45; Piano lesson 6:30-7:30
T--Ensemble 3:45-5:00; Taylor Swift concert 7:00
W--Ensemble 3:45-5:00; Girl Scout meeting, 6:00
Th--N Ensemble performance, 6:00
Fri-- Cluster track meet 6:30 (Cancelled due to rain)
Sa--Swim lessons, 10:00-11:00

Week of May13
M--Track practice, 3:50-4:45; Piano lesson 6:30-7:30
T-- Parenting seminar, 6:00
W--Rescheduled cluster track meet, 6:15; Neighborhood board meeting, 6:30
Th--Ensemble celebration, 8:00; Preschool Graduation 7:00
Fri- Blessedly free of evening activity
Sa--Swim lessons, 10:00-11:00; Girl Scout training, 1:30-6:30

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