Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reduce, reuse, recycle and then do it again (and again)

One of my favorite songs is Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place.  I like the music, but I also just really like the title.  

There is a system for most everything in my house, an orderly way in which things are used, stored and/or disposed of. 

For example, my old t-shirts that are too stretched out or stained to be worn publicly become sleepwear for either myself or N.  When they become holey, they are then cut up and turned into rags that I use for cleaning.  

Paint that is used for one room but is not used up completely becomes paint for another smaller room.  My dining room paint was used in my basement bathroom as well as in a color-wash in my master bathroom.  The paint I used in the garage was also used in the kids' bathroom, which I just redid.  

D removed the one towel rack (which matches our bathroom towel rack and will be rehung in that room) and hung double hooks up for each kid.  I made their initial plates out of stuff I had around the house:  a thin piece of wood and small decorative glass beads you put into flower vases.  I had the boys smash them for me (because every kid loves to whack shit with a hammer) and then I glued them onto the wood.

I tinker around with the idea of buying different towels for each kid, but for now I just have pale blue towels for all three of them.  I did purchase N some hot pink washcloths a few years back, and G some bright blue washcloths, but M is still using baby washcloths (which will also one day become rags in my rag bin).

Perhaps when those towels are full of holes and incredibly stained and I've cut them into rags or donated them to the Humane Society for dog bedding then I will go buy specific towels for each child.  (It sorta sets off my OCD a bit at the prospect of the kids' sharing towels accidentally.)


Speaking of recycling, I bought summer stuff for the kids at a local consignment sale.  I'm not sure what makes me happier---knowing that I've bought second-hand or getting such great stuff for low prices.

For $110, I got everything below:

Two Justice tops and a pair of Justice shorts for N.

6 pair of shorts for G.

A Matchbox Wolf Mountain toy for the boys.

A suitcase for N, a Cars suitcase for M, Pop the Pig game, 2 hardbound chapter books, 3 softbound chapter books, and 6 picture books.

4 pair of swim trunks and a swim shirt.

3 pajama sets for G. 

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Shelby said...

I love the letters you made with the glass beads! We also did away with towel racks in the kids' bathroom....hooks are so much easier. I have different colored towels for each kid. Of course, I only bought those after the towels they were using were about six years old!

I need to get better at "shopping the house" before I run off to Target. I recently bought new curtains for our office and then discovered almost new curtains I had packed away from another house we lived in. Of course, I had already washed and hung up the new curtains so I couldn't return them. I hate when that sort of thing happens.