Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas letters to Santa, 2012

N wrote her letter to Santa on Nov 25.

Dear Santa,
Here is a list of things i would like for Christmas.
1. One Direction everything (cd, shirt)
2. Monster High dolls
3. Cute clothes from a random store
4. Cute earrings (sterling silver)
5. Wipeout xbox360-Kinect
6. Brave movie-Disney
7. Barbie clothes (dresses, pants, etc)
8. Taylor Swift new cd-Red
9. a new sketch pad
10. art supplies
11. Stardoll doll
12. cute shoes (size 5)
13. some new coloring books
14. polly pockets
15. some cool stocking stuffers

Please try to get some of these things for me.  Also, try to get other things that i might like.

Yesterday, I took dictation for G, although he wrote the words "Santa" and his name at the closing of the note.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Wreck-it-Ralph Smashers and Hulk Smashers and 3 Wreck-it-Ralph action figures and I want an Imaginext rocketship with an alien, a human, and costumes for them to wear and a space house for them to go inside.

And I also want Haunted House Legos.  And I want the Kinect Avengers game and Sonic Transform.  And I wan the Sonic sitting down game.  And THAT'S IT!!

I've been good and a little bit wrestlingly.


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Keri said...

Love these! None for M yet???