Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boy birthday bonanza

G's and M's birthdays are 11 days apart, which means I have birthday-on-the-brain for at least a solid 2 weeks every fall.

G had his preschool celebration of taking in sweet snacks and wearing the birthday hat, then we celebrated with a little tiny cake that evening, just the five of us.  Later in the week, he had a big birthday at My Gym with preschool and playgroup friends.

My traditional "ugly cake made with love."  I made cake pops for the first and only time for his My Gym party.  Those were a royal PITA.

M's birthday was just family at our house.

Another "ugly cake made with love" by Momma.

So now a slight reprieve from shopping until the Christmas craziness begins.

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Keri said...

Love all of these pics - even the ones of you "ugly" cake creations. Can't believe how old your little guys are!!!