Thursday, July 12, 2012

Full to the brim with arghhh!

The title might suggest I'm indulging in the revelry of "Be a Pirate Day," but it is just how I'm feeling some 6 weeks into summer break.

I'm done.
Please reinstate the routine.

I am tired of packing the cooler for the pool.

I'm tired of carrying 4 towels, 2 life jackets, a blow-up boat, various dinosaurs and superheroes, 3 bottles of sunscreen, the cooler, swim diapers, and a swim mask through the parking lot into the pool enclosure.

I'm tired of attempting to go to the store with 3 kids.  (I have found 2 times this summer that I have inadvertently spent $15+ (each time) I never would have spent because I didn't have the ability to watch the kids and watch the scanner at the same time.)

I'm tired of trying to get N to do math problems in her SummerBridge workbook.

I'm tired of shlepping all 3 kids to the gym to workout twice a week.  I think this summer might be referred to from here on out as "The Summer of Herding Cats" because all 3 of them, like cats, are of their own mind and have their own pace.

I'm tired of trying to find activities that somewhat appease all 3 kids.  Yesterday I stood at the pool fence, watching N jump off the diving board, keeping an eye on G who was in the 3 foot without a life jacket, and paying attention to M who was in the kiddie pool.  My neck was a swivel.

I'm tired of the kids going to bed late because it is light until close to 9:30.

I'm tired of watching SpongeBob and Good Luck, Charlie.  And, yes, I could turn it off but then I have to listen to my children fight with each other.  When I do take a notion to play with one of them, I cannot because the other 2 start vying for attention (which in this world means they jump on my back while I'm laying on the floor trying to play a card game).  The games they like to play with each other all together are things like, "Mommy, Throw Pillows at Us" and "Tag."  Between all the schlepping of junk I'm doing and listening to them fight, I haven't the energy to play such games.

I'm tired of attempting to clean one area of the house and, upon finishing, finding 3 completely different yet equally huge messes in other areas of the house.

Summer break would do well to be considerably shorter, not only for the benefit of students and avoiding the summer slump, but most importantly for my state of mind.


Shelby said...

I am right there with you Carrie! I was at Meijer on Friday and after that trip I can say, without a doubt, that I am no longer taking my kids with me when running errands! I have had it! I am tired of dealing with Noah's tantrums in the store, the girls' constant whining for toys and trying to keep the baby from throwing herself from the cart! On top of all of that, I often get home and find that I have forgotten several items on my list because I was too distracted by all the other junk going on! I will be going to Walmart and Kroger at midnight in order to avoid future shopping trips with my herd of cats! :)

Keri said...

Every time I read a posting about kids being home during the summer, it makes me realize anew that one advantage of homeschooling is that you never get used to a saner life during the school year, so summer isn't the shock that it is to many mamas. :-) Oh, wow, what a run-on sentence. Sorry.