Friday, March 31, 2017

Our fall break trip I never blogged about (but will now that it is spring break)

In October, we went to Indianapolis for a 2-day visit.  We had never been to Indy, but we'd heard all about the children's museum and decided to visit it and the zoo.

I was just coming off a stomach bug and still not 100%, but we went anyway.  Whenever D wishes to complain about how sick he is, I will remind him of my two favorite mother-as-martyr stories:  how I nursed M as an infant while puking over the side of the rocker (which I then had to clean up) AND how I walked through the Indy Children's Museum drinking copious amounts of Pedialyte for nourishment since I couldn't tolerate food.  All for the love of my children.

The plan was to drive up on a Saturday but just hang at the hotel until Sunday.  The kids always want to swim in the hotel pool so we opted to just let them do that on the first night. They probably would have been totally happy to swim in the hotel pool and not visit the museum or zoo.

I feel like a heel saying I wasn't impressed with the Indy Children's Museum, but it wasn't as spectacular as people make it out to be.  Perhaps they are only comparing it to our local museum?  It was nice, but I wasn't bowled over like maybe I was supposed to have been.  (I might blame this on the stomach bug, but D felt the same.)

The kids had fun, though. We spent maybe 4 hours there.  We could have spent more if the kids would actually read the signs and posters.  It, however, cannot be that educational.

The Indy Zoo was nice, although not as overwhelming as expected. We watched a dolphin show, but probably the highlight was seeing the orangutan exhibit and a program about orangutan intelligence. 

 I think it is nice to include photos of this....
one kid being whiney, not wanting to walk until he gets a treat.

Here is a photo of this other kid 
being whiney, not wanting to walk until he gets a treat.

All-in-all, a nice break from the routine.  

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