Friday, July 15, 2016

Off-the-grid: Michigan Trip, Post #1

As a general rule, I try to go off-the-grid during vacations.  I don't post on Facebook as a security measure.....I don't really want people knowing what I'm doing every second I'm doing it.  But I also want to be present in the moment of my time away from "real life."

Going to Michigan made it easy to be off-the-grid because I didn't have a choice. I couldn't get much cell reception in Traverse City and couldn't get ANY in the UP.

The first part of our trip was at High Lake in Traverse City, MI.  We rented a home that could accommodate my 5, my brother's family of 5, our parents and my MIL.

We could walk into the lake from the small beach in the yard and had access to kayaks, a paddle board, a paddle boat and a canoe.  The kids swam out to the floating dock and jumped off the diving board.

Arrival day:  July 4......
Checking it out

The first of many fires for making s'mores.

We visited Sleeping Bear Dunes on July 5, which was amazing.  The weather was perfect. We hiked Empire Bluffs Trail first, then drove to Esch Beach.  The kids liked going a ways up into Otter Creek, which was warmer than Lake Michigan.

We ate lunch at Joe's Friendly Tavern and then drove to the Dune Climb.  We finished the day by seeing the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.

Hiking the trail
(N was a trooper even though she wasn't completely 
back-to-normal from her pre-trip virus.)

Views from the top

A dune at the top of the trail.

Heading back down

Esch Beach
(our first dip in Lake Michigan)

Venturing up Otter Creek

At Dune Climb in Sleeping Bear before heading up.

We made it!

From Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, stop #9

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