Saturday, March 19, 2016

Being a mom of a girl means reliving all your sh*tty preteen friendship crap

I try to ixnay my commentary as it concerns N's friendships, but sometimes it takes every ounce of my strength to not throw a complete duck fit.

Like when a very good friend of N's texted her today to say she had too much to do and couldn't make it to N's party today.  This is such a good friend that I would expect her to come unless she was dead or bleeding out the it seems a little fishy.

It could be that she really did have too much to do, although I wish she could have told N that long before an hour before the party.  Like on Monday.

This is N's business, but I did say that I thought a very good friend who said she would come to your party should come to your party unless she is very sick or very dead.  I left it at that.

But inside, I'm roiling.  It has churned up the waters of my own childhood friendships.  My own girlfriend drama.

The occasions when a very good friend of mine would put me on hold when I asked her to come over and do something with me.  When it seemed like she was waiting for something better to come along.  I remember my mother feeling rather aggravated with this friend of mine because I would be upset when she turned me down or didn't follow through.

As a kid I couldn't understand my mother.  Now, I wish I didn't understand my mother.  I wish I didn't understand that anger that comes when my own child is confused by, disappointed in, hurt by or frustrated with a friendship.

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