Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Here is what being a SAHM of full-time school kids is like

Let me give you yesterday's schedule:

7:30 am--out the door with boys to go get allergy shot for me and M
8:00 am--in clinic, getting allergy shot
8:30 am--leaving clinic to take boys to school
8:45 am-dropping off boys
9:00 am--at Home Depot, buying mulch and flowers to plant at the school's Reading Garden
9:20 am--calling a former colleague for an interview for a magazine article I'm writing
10:00 am -- planting flowers
11:30 am-- finish planting flowers, laying liner and mulch
11:50 am--wiping off grit and dirt in my bathroom and changing clothes
12:30 pm--meeting friends for lunch
2:30 pm--picking up N and her friend from school
4:30 pm--getting boys off bus
5:30 pm--taking N to field hockey game
8:00 pm--coming home from field hockey game
9:30 pm--fell asleep

In those hour long breaks, I did things like plan lessons and write my articles and work on dinner and help people with homework and practice piano and read stories and take a shower.

Today's schedule:
7:00 am--take N and neighbor to school
8:25 am--get boys on bus
9:00 am--go to dr.
10:30 am--get gas and go to grocery
11:30 am--interview psychologist for magazine article
12:20 pm--drive to upholstery place
2:10 pm--get shampoo
2:30 pm--pick up N and friends from school
3:00 pm--eat lunch

Mercifully, tonight we are doing NOTHING.

I am looking forward to Friday when I will repaint the molding in the powder room and go through junk for the consignment sale.  I will be in my house for 5+ hours at a stretch and not be in REM sleep.

I am not complaining.  It is nice to be able to get a lot of things done that I want to get done.  It is delightful that I ran into Great Clips to get shampoo and it wasn't an hour-and-a-half production that involved begging and whining.

I know this pace will slow down, if for no other reason than because I collapse from exhaustion.

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