Friday, August 21, 2015

The "fun" idea that turned into a chore

I could be talking about parenting....seems like "fun" when you're in the thinking stages and early implementation but very quickly becomes a tiring, overwhelming, expensive confusing chore.

But I'm not referring to parenting.

I'm talking about a Pinterest-inspired saga.

On the occasions when I do visit Pinterest and see cool, creative upcycling projects, I think, "I can do that."  And I can.

But it is, in fact, a grand comedy of errors.  When you read blogs by Pinteresty-people-types, they sound as if it all goes supremely well or there is maybe a slight delay because of humidity.  They are either not idiotic (as I am), or they are idiotic and LIE about it.

So, here is my final product, which took the entire summer:

Three windows, for $10 each.  Three containers of flat glass from my best friend that were leftover from years ago when she took a stained glass class.  All of my glass beads that had been cluttering up my house for endless years plus at least 7 packages of new glass beads.  More clear E6000 glue than I care to think about.  One container of white grout that cost about $11.  One container of very old caulk.  One can of white exterior paint (maybe $17).  3 feet of chain.  6 regular hooks, 6 eye hooks, a couple of weird adapter type chain thingies.  

This upcycling project probably cost me at least $75 and took 11 years off my life.  

I did the middle one first using glass beads.  I grouted it, but some of the bead color came off since I had to rub and rub and rub the beads to get the grout off.  

On window #2, the one on the right, I used only flat glass from my friend.  I put some of the glass in a ziplock bag and whacked it with a hammer.  This worked fine until I ran my hand over the window and sliced a finger in numerous spots.  I really didn't want to buy grout since it is expensive, so I thought, "Hey, I'll use caulk.  It dries and then I can peel it off using an exacto-knife from the places where I don't want it.  

Apparently, the caulk I used is really, really old because it has been weeks, and that sh*t still isn't fully dry.  I gave up and hung the darn thing.  

By the time I finished window #2, I was over it.  So window #3 (on the left) is the I don't care anymore project.  I used every piece of glass that was leftover on it.  I didn't have a game-plan or design.  I just glued junk down.  Didn't grout it or caulk it.  Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care.

I'd like to think this has been a good lesson learned, but I am already thinking about repainting the powder room.  Someone save me from myself.  

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