Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's add speech therapy.....

After contacting the district about M's speech in October, we finally got through the initial screen, the at-home interventions, the meeting to proceed with formal evaluation, the formal evaluation, and this week's meeting to discuss the formal evaluation.

I was fully anticipating him not qualifying for services, but he did.

Now I'm waiting to hear if there is a spot at the kid's school, where he will begin kindergarten in August.  If not, we will start speech therapy at a school within our cluster.  Once he starts kindergarten, he will be pulled out twice a week for sessions until next March when we see how he is doing.

In 11 years of parenting, I have done PT with N, ST and OT with G, and now ST with M.  It occurs to me that this, somehow, feels like a lot of therapy for a group of kids that is pretty darn "healthy."  Since I don't know the ins and outs of other families, I can't begin to know whether this is "normal," and I guess it really doesn't matter.

I guess maybe I shouldn't wonder and worry about the flawed genetic pool D and I have spawned and concentrate on the fact that we are aware and responsive parents who get their kids the help they need.

Maybe all of these therapies are just par for the course for a woman whose blog's purpose is as CBT.

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Kirk White said...

Getting your son into therapy is a good decision. It’ll keep him occupied while waiting for a spot at the kid’s school, and he can continue to polish his communication skills at the same time. Anyway, how is he doing now? I hope you're all doing well. Good day!

Kirk White @ MedCare Pediatric