Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 1 down

N and G have completed 8 days of school, and I have to say that things have been great for them.  I think they are really glad to be back in a routine of learning and having their minds occupied on a near-constant basis.  G even said yesterday that he likes kindergarten better than preschool because there are no toys.  That boy is a weirdo, I tell you.

On Tuesday, he brought home a Super Tiger award from his P.E. teacher, which nearly dropped me to the floor for a couple reasons.  First, G is the most uncoordinated kid in this family, if not the world.  Second, it is one thing for G's teacher to say he is a great kid in school (because it can always be denied later on), but it is an entirely different ball of wax when there is written documentation stating, "your child is a model student."

He and I have been getting along much better since school began, which I think has to do with that "absence makes the heart grow fonder" phenomenon.  Being with peers and learning the behaviors of all-day school also seems to be helping him be a little less tantrumy.  Thus far, we haven't seen the world-class meltdowns that N went through when she began kindergarten.

So color me surprised across the board.  

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