Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Science in da house!!!

Today, as on most days, I compare living with two little boys to being part of a band of wild and potentially rabies-infected primates.  

However, after seeing a highly entertaining and enlightening live show of scientific experiments (Doktor Kaboom), I thought I'd try to see a day with my boys through the lens of scientific discovery rather than the lens of a tired momma.

The day began with one of G and M's favorite activities----having me put their stuffed animals on the fan blades and then watching them fly off as they laugh uproariously.  Through the lens of ROCKET SCIENCE:  Newton's Law of Motion (for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction) it was much less aggravating than it normally is.  

The little scientists.

The enthusiasm of the little scientists is growing.

The baby wolf is down!

The horse looks like he's gonna land on the wolf!

There goes Mickey!
And Urse the Black Bear isn't far behind.....

The mommy wolf has flown off to the front of the frame.  
Minnie Mouse and Beary the Black Bear hold on for dear life!

After running errands, we walked down to the creek, picked up sticks and watched ducks float in the water.  I have decided that a law of nature is "BOYS NEED TO GET OUTSIDE EVERY SINGLE DAY."

Both in the morning and again in the afternoon, the boys engaged in one of their newest exploits:  blowing milk bubbles and popping them.  Did you know that milk proteins make the bubbles last longer than those bubbles blown in water or other drinks?  And once milk has warmed up it makes smaller bubbles.


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