Sunday, September 23, 2012

My 5-year boy

(I'll be busy this week making an ugly birthday cake/cake pops, so I'm posting this a couple days in advance.)

Dear G,

When I learned during my 37th week of pregnancy that you were breech, a dear friend of mine said you wanted to forge your own unique path into the world.  Her comment gave me pause and comfort.  I should have known you'd be a determined, do-it-your-own way boy.

Comin' out ass just like you.

Your first smiles were huge, and they continue to be to this day.  When you are happy, your smile takes over your entire face.  Your eyes crinkle in delight!  Your laugh makes me laugh, especially when it is that deep belly laugh that you cannot stop.  

You generally tend to go whole hog....headfirst into a new experience.  Full of excitement and enthusiasm.

E is for energy too!

You are very curious and strangely quiet at times as you observe and investigate.  You love to ask questions, and Daddy and I get such a kick out of the off-the-wall queries you often pose to people.  You sense our delight with this and often ask, "Mommy, was that a great question?"

You like to be helpful, often asking me if you can throw laundry into the washing machine.  You feel proud when you can help others.

You are also a tremendous ham-bone, doing things intentionally to try to make other people laugh.

As fearless as you sometimes are about big things, you can be a scaredy cat about noises or things that I wouldn't expect you to fear.

 You held your ears through the aquarium.  The entire time.  

You are a constant whirling band of motion and loud noise until you are tired at which point you become a whiny, lazy bag of bones.  I don't how many times a day I tell you, "Mommy just can't tolerate the whining."  Daddy even found an old Joe Piscapo skit from Saturday Night Live called "The Whiners" to show you what you sound like (which you thought was hilarious).

Even when, or especially when I think you haven't been listening to a word I've said, I find you mentioning something later on that shows you had your ears on the entire time, taking it all in.  

You have always had your own unique, G way of doing sucking your pacifier and your thumb at the same time when you were a baby.  Daddy called this your thumb condom.

Or insisting on wearing your shark helmet to the Mall.
Or being super persnickety about how your socks and shoes feel on your feet.

You do push my buttons and I often think of you as my "challenging" child, but I also know that it is because you are so much like me.....persistent to a fault, high energy, hard to settle.   You are just contending with the genes and personality life handed you.

There is so much joy in you, and you bring so much joy to me, even when I am frustrated.  Life works in mysterious ways, and there is something life wants me to understand which is why it made me your mom.

Words cannot express the deepness of my love for you, my amusing and spirited 5-year-old boy!


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