Tuesday, January 31, 2017

O Reason, where art thou?

Good lord, it is increasingly difficult to be a reasonable person.

And when I say a reasonable person, I mean someone who sees multiple complexities in any given situation.  I'm not trying to see multiple complexities....I just do because there are always multiple complexities to virtually every adult situation.

I feel like I'm struggling to have conversations with everyone.  I'm not as liberal as my liberal friends, and I'm not as conservative as my conservative friends.

No matter what I think or say, it is the wrong thing.

If I say I am against the immigration policy then I am against veterans or anyone who has been left out of a job for the past eight years.  Why weren't you livid when.... fill in the blanks.  

If I say the biggest problem I have with the immigration policy is that it left people in a terrible lurch mid-flight without any fair warning and denied access to people with Green Cards and was about as sloppily done as a last-minute middle schooler social studies project then I am just a liberal sore-loser.

If I say I have less of a problem with a well-formulated and implemented temporary ban on immigration then I am against refugees.

If I think Black lives matter that has to mean I think police lives don't.  If I think police lives matter  it has to mean that Black lives don't.

If I think women's choices matter it has to mean I think fetuses don't.  If I think fetuses matter that has to mean that women's safety doesn't.

If I think global trade is a good thing that has to mean I'm against regular working Americans.  If I support regular working Americans then it has to mean I'm against free trade.

I saw a post about how taking in Syrian refugees is like locking your doors at night.  You don't hate the people outside, but you love the people inside.  And I can't wholly disagree with this because it is true.  I do lock my doors at night, although it is because our neighborhood had a bunch of white dudes roaming around, breaking into cars and stealing stuff.  It wasn't refugees.

Given the opioid epidemic around here, they were probably looking for drug money, but if I say that then I am against people with addictions.

There is just no winning right now.

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