Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is there anything for me to talk about besides subbing?

I could talk about my bathroom remodel.

I expect everything will be wrapped up by the end of May.  It is looking really good.  So good, in fact, that I expect I'll want to gut the rest of my house.

I could talk about the things my kids gave me for Mother's Day.

From N

From G.
Even without his name and photo,
I know this is G's because of the part
 that says "bunny with spike of love."

From M

I had received a "first draft" from M a week or so ago.

I could talk about being invited to speak at a conference for women who write this summer.  I expect it will be a small conference, but I am giddy to be included, especially since my whole entry into freelancing was complete serendipity.  There is even a small honorarium included.

When I sent my acceptance, I mentioned that I had been a freelancer for six years and a blogger for.....almost a decade.  November marks my official 10 years of blogging.  Wow!  And that was a complete accident, too.  

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