Sunday, April 24, 2016

When life is chaotic, just go ahead and tear apart your master bathroom

I have friends who have put their homes up for sale, to which I say, "Good luck, and ARE YOU INSANE?"

Because my house, although neat and generally kept up, is not "Open House Ready."  It will not be until the last of my children has left it for good.

D and I sold our first home after living in it 4 years.  The stress of getting it repaired and ready, finding another house we liked, and packing/moving/unpacking was overwhelming, and we did that without three kids to keep everything consistently disorganized, disheveled and dirty.

So we decided that we are here for good, where we've been for 15 years.  The goal is to be mortgage-free by the time N starts college.

As much trouble as I think moving would be, I failed to realize the pain-in-the-buttness of renovating.

Here is my master bathroom at the moment:

Actually, it looks worse than this because they are reworking the plumbing so like half the floor is missing.

We're not in the middle ages over here, but we are having to be more strategic and thoughtful about bathrooming.  I have to remember to take clothes with me to the downstairs bathroom to shower.....and a clean towel.  I have to remember that my toothbrush items are in the powder room.  I have to dig into laundry baskets to find my eyeglass cleaner and my hairbrush and my deodorant.

As much as I'm glad to have that stupid Las Vegas-style tub out of here, I miss my bathroom.  I miss it the way I miss electricity when the power goes out, and I keep turning on light switches because it is just such a habit.

A part of me wonders I opted to do this now.....when I'm teaching on Fridays at the cottage school and in the process of writing two articles and starting to sub 5 days a month and still managing the lives of the children in this house?  Why?

But, really.....there is never a good time, so you just do it and know that it will get better.  And if not better, you will, at least, eventually remember to take underpants to the basement bathroom.

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