Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ah, hell(ve) no! She's twelve, yo.

Dear N,

Twelve is a really sucky number to try to rhyme for an annual birthday blog post so that is as good a title as you're gonna get.

I would say I can't believe you are turning 12 tomorrow, but since you have been counting down and reminding me every morning that your birthday is 26.... I mean 15....I mean 8 days.....I mean 1 day away, I can totally believe that the day has finally arrived.

Today, as you will likely forget by next week, you sang "Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  My birthday's tomorrow!  It's only a DAY AWAAAAAAAAAY" from Annie to me repeatedly before I had had enough coffee.  I will remind you of this episode should you ever have a child who speaks to you before coffee has had its full effect.

You are a really awesome kid.  Goofy as can be and definitely nerdy but you let your nerd flag fly proudly.  You seem to feel ok in your own skin, and while I know that may change as the next couple years come and go, I'm really glad that, at least for now, you are happy to be you and don't change for others.

Sure, I wish you'd read more books, and I wish you'd bring your viola home more often to play, but those are just small things that don't amount to a hill of beans.  You do your homework and are responsible with your school work.  You made a smooth adjustment to middle school and have a band of new friends who you really seem to get along with.

I love that you are so sweet to your brothers and that you give them goodnight kisses and hugs every night before you brush your teeth.
I love that you send me pins of goofy cat photos and jokes.
I love that we have our new ritual of watching Sherlock on Netflix on weekends.
I love that you are all smoopy over the kitties.
I'm a little concerned by how many duck-face photos you take of yourself, but I think that will be a short-lived phenomena.

Sometimes when I look at you, it is nearly impossible for me to find the little girl face I used to know.  While this makes me 10% sad that the years have gone by so fast, it makes me 90% happy that I get to see your beautiful, smiling 12-year-old face (as of TOMORROW).

I love you sweetest girl,


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