Friday, September 11, 2015

If you don't want to hear about how aging blows, avoid this post

I really, really, really, really want to be one of those women who grows old gracefully.  I want to accept that my body will change, will slow down, but can still be healthy and functional.  I don't want to start using night creams or age spot removers or cosmetic cover-ups or have surgery to make things higher or lower or tighter.

But daggonit, I would like to not feel like I'm completely falling the heck apart at 42 years old.

The past few years I've noticed some changes.  Like blowing out my knee from doing burpees post M's birth.  And having my first cavities (in multiple succession) starting at age 37 (after M's birth).  Then there have been the monthly cycle changes.....22 days now, 29 days next time.

And I won't go into gross detail, but any woman over 40 knows what I'm talking about when I say:

The cherry on top (for the moment) is the aching jaw, which started on August 5.  Nothing showed on x-ray on Aug 12, when I first went to the dentist.  I had to endure 3 weeks of increasing discomfort for a pus pocket to show up---an abscess that will require a root canal and crown on Monday.

I've never been a princess, and I don't want a dang crown!

It's not just me.  My best friend from high school has bursitis.  We used to joke about being old and hanging out in our muumuus, but it sometimes feel like that day is drawing nigh.  Now my husband just needs to develop gout, and then I'll feel like I've really made it to Dickensian old age.

I've long had the curmudgeonly attitude of the crotchety old, but I am going gangbusters on having the body to go with it.  

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Peggy said...

Thanks for a great laugh, Carrie, and I'm sorry for all of your old age problems. You might be getting some of the ones that I've been lucky enough to miss so far. Honestly, getting old is not nearly as bad as I expected it to be, but I do think it's just sheer luck. Hang in there.