Monday, August 3, 2015

My life in terrible iPhone pictures (Aug 3)

Operation "Get Some of this Crap Out of My House" is slow-going.  Mostly because the kids are in the house all the time in summer, and I can't surreptitiously throw their crap out.  N's interests are American Girl dolls and hoarding.  I have determined that the less space she has for plopping stuff down, the better.  This desk is on its way out.  D asked what I was going to put in its place.  I said, "Empty space."

Hey!  More of N's stuff.  
A doll whose legs fell off, but she wants it to go in her storage "memento" box.  
I've got a better box for it....the garbage can "box."  

N's middle school uniform collection.  Bought shoes yesterday.  
Yeah for my daughter going for comfort (Keds=cheaper) over trendy (Sperry=more expensive).  

My clothes.  My closet is quite large, and my actual clothes take up a small portion of it.  
Now, if I could only get the kids on board.  

Bifocals.  I look happy about that, don't I?

Another window to hang from the covered deck.  Work in progress.  

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