Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One instance of brilliance this summer and a whole lot of dumb

Watch this first.

Basically, what the second turtle says is what I've been saying to myself ever since June 5.

Going to Disney?
Signing up for a grad class I actually have to attend in person versus online?
Signing up for this in-person class that begins the day after I return from Disney?
Scheduling doctor visits for the kids on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday mornings this week?

I'm used to this, of course, since it pretty much sums up any number of parenting decisions.

I have had one singular moment of brilliance.

Even though I blogged yesterday about not caring, that isn't entirely true.  I am me, and as long as I am me I am always going to have to try some kind of little snippet of structure, of engaging the kids in some way.  I have discovered a tiny bit of something that allows me to comfortably and without guilt let the kids do whatever they want as long as they do these things each day.  The only kind of "schedule/routine" that I can handle:

That's it.  The brilliance.
Every other idea I've had has been dumb.  

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