Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jimmy crack corn, turned in middle school application, and I don't care

I wanted to get N's middle school application thingie off my mind.  It wasn't taking up much space, but my graduate class starts next week, so I will need all my reserves.

She was feeling punky this weekend (we now know she has a mild case of the flu) although she had a brief interlude of "not-as-catatonic" on Monday afternoon during which time I had her sit and go over her essay.

The profound topic for her consideration:  "Why I Want to Go to CroMS."
I'm not sure if the point of this essay is a way for CroMS to get its jollies (they want me so badly) or a way for N to blather about how wonderful she is.  Either way, I think these essay topics are seriously lacking in originality.

I tried to stay as true to my word as possible in terms of having her "own it."  She completed the application in her 5th grade handwriting/printing.  Other than my signature, there is no indication I did anything.  She typed the essay, and I only very, very lightly edited.  It sounds like a 5th grader wrote it.  She completed the teacher recommendation form and took it into her teacher.  My contribution to that endeavor was filling out the envelope and putting a stamp on it.

I did run it into the building, but my motivation is just, as mentioned, to get it off my desk and out of my head.  It is done, and I really don't give a fig what happens.

I did have borderline crazy thoughts like, "What if they don't accept physically-turned in applications since the instruction form said to send to Blah-blah-blah?," but then I decided that if they throw out applications over stupid stuff like that then I really don't want N going there anyway.

So I guess sometime in May we'll find out something.  I'm good with whatever happens, and that isn't at all a bad place to be.  

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