Friday, December 19, 2014

AP test results....and knowing what you know about your kid

The other day in the mail we got N's AP test results from her third (and final) go round, the one we had her take in October thinking, "What if she were to get 1 point higher than what she got in 3rd grade (a score of 23) which would allow her to get into NMS's Gifted and Talented Program?"

She retook it in 4th and got a 21.
She retook it in 5th and got a 21.

The district keeps whatever the highest score is.

We had already registered her for CroMS as soon as the system was open, so NMS was long off the table and out of the picture, but the test result is validation for me.  We made the right decision.  Even without knowing the test result, we made the decision based on her personality, her motivation, our understanding that while our daughter is bright we know she isn't that.bright.

I try, with all my kids, to keep realistic, to see them for who they truly are, to not be blinded by sheer unadulterated love of them.  Truthfully, I don't struggle with this; I actually have a difficult time seeing them as anything especially wonderful.

But then, sometimes I am sorta amazed at unexpected successes they experience.  Like last year when N won 3rd place in the district elementary written assessment for the pool of schools in which her school competed.  Like yesterday when she came home and said she gets to compete in the school Spelling Bee because she won in her class.  Like G being in an enrichment science group and reading at an early 2nd grade level.

I don't think my kids are all that and a bag of chips, so when they do something that is all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips-ish, I'm a bit stunned.

My mother asked me the other day if I ever think about what my kids will be when they grow up, and I don't.  I really rarely think about their future.

Honestly, I'm too busy in the moment of raising them and hoping I'm doing right by them this second that I can't consider what I'm doing in the raising of them will mean as time unfolds.

But if now is any indication, I will be pleasantly surprised.  

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