Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm a Seinfeld-ish person

The last television show I watched regularly was Seinfeld.  During the height of its popularity, I remember someone saying she didn't like the show because the characters were mean.

I never thought the characters were mean.  Odd....yes.  Pathetic......yes.  Hilarious.....yes.

Maybe I have a weird sense of what meanness is.  To me, meanness is intentionally trying to make someone else feel like a piece of crap, and I tend to think that most people are not mean.  People may make others feel like crap but for a whole range of other reasons, like distractedness, obtuseness or tiredness.  I try to be forgiving when someone seems mean because usually it has everything to do with something other than them intentionally trying to be an asshole to me.  Usually they are so obtuse or distracted or tired they don't even realize that they came across as mean.

I think sometimes people think I am mean, but I never intend to hurt someone else's feelings.  I always try to be civil and kind, but I also feel that I must be true to myself.  Maybe I read too much Walt Whitman in college?  I also try to be funny in my honesty because that generally tends to take the edge off.

If there is anything a person can trust in me it is that I am honest, but I am most honest about those things within the human character that no one likes to admit to.

Like the ALS Ice Challenge.  I hate it that people suffer with this disease.  I think if people dumping ice water on their heads raises money, then great!  I videotaped my neighbor and my daughter and didn't mind doing it.

But am I going to dump water on my own head?
Even if I'm challenged?
Still nope.
Am I going to write a check?
Nope on that too.
Even though I videotaped my neighbor and my kid did I read with a little bit of glee this blog post and share it?
Well, yes.
Mostly because it was so stinkin' honest.

And I'm not saying any of this because I'm mean.
I am honestly saying that I think ALS is a terrible disease and I'm glad people dumping water on their heads is helping raise awareness and/or money, but as with Harry Potter and Fifty Shades of Grey and everything else that becomes wildly popular and has everyone and their grandma on the bandwagon for days and days and days that feel as long as years, I am none too interested.

And when I think about George, Elaine, Jerry and Kramer, I think what made them funny (and not mean) is that they would jump on a bandwagon even if they really didn't want to, especially George, just to try to win someone over or make a good impression, but it always, always fell apart.  

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