Thursday, May 3, 2012

I learn new things every day

Just this week I have learned so much----

1. I learned that I may not have the strength to make it through M's Throttling Threes since I feel like I only came out of G's a minute and a half ago.  At 2.5, M is already declaring his insanity loud and clear, throwing temper tantrums at the slightest provocation.  I am effing tired of this shit.

2. I learned (or realized) that in 18 months I will have 5 hours a week of JUST ME TIME.  When I can grocery shop alone or get my hair done.  Or pee by myself.

3. I learned that when a husband says, "I want to spend more time together," it does not mean he wants to go see cool concerts at a local ampitheater.  "I want to spend more time together" appears to be code for,  "I want more sex."  You'd think after nearly 15 years of marriage, I'd be better able to understand the lingo.

4. I learned that I have zero engineering skills since the float I helped N make for her school project collapsed into a heap of rubble about 20 seconds into her pulling it down the school hallway.  (Although I would be willing to bet user error was part of the problem too.)

5.  I learned that the reason I like doing projects around the house, like painting a bathroom or making a photo display out of baby crib wiring,  is because they have a definite BEGINNING and END, unlike everything else I do in this SAHM gig.  Laundry never ends.  Dusting never ends.  Kids needing food or diaper changes or help wiping never ends.  Picking up toys never ends.  (Of course, I know it will end eventually.....but at too far a place in the future for me to be able to see it.)

I'll be a damn genius with a brain the size of Neptune if I live to be 80, what with all this knowledge I'm gaining every day.  

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Kelsey said...

Gah- hang in there Carrie - just think of those five hours you've got coming. :-)