Friday, June 24, 2016

My new master bathroom (and here is my catalytic converter for your viewing pleasure)

I had written about our plans to remodel our master bathroom, and it is finished.  It was actually finished in May, but I was still subbing and teaching so was too busy to take photos.  Plus,  I was hoping to purchase some artwork for the walls before I called it really and truly "done."

But then my car needed 2 tires.
And then D's car had $1400 of work done.
And then his battery died and had to be replaced.
And then my car needed $1500 of work done.
And then my car needed a new catalytic converter and O2 sensor (to the tune of $1700).
In a month's time all this went down.

Our auto savings account has been bled dry.  I don't even think there is any marrow there.

Suffice it to say, I am not getting any art or decor for the bathroom or buying much of anything if it isn't food or sunscreen.

Here is what the bathroom looked like BEFORE.

The giganto tub and the little shower have been replaced by this:

 The bench is actually a hamper for soiled towels but has a soft top.

I have a place to store towels rather than walking into my closet.
I do not have a tub that I have to stand in to dust it.

An electric towel warmer. 

The shower feels MUCH bigger just from gaining a few inches here and there. 
The teak bench folds up when we don't need it and down when we do.

A piece of art work will go above the toilet 
once our saving spree to recoup car expenses is over.

I made this using card stock and fabric.  No sewing required.  
Got the fabric on clearance at Hancock.  
I had to purchase two yards.....

So I did this to the chair in the sitting room right outside 
the bathroom where D's closet and mine converge.  

I am very, very happy with how it turned out!  And it sure is a lot more fun to look at and enjoy than D's muffler, all our new fluids and my catalytic converter.  

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