Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A family kindergarten milestone

Tomorrow M "graduates" from kindergarten.  He has been singing the songs for his performance for weeks.  I anticipate that I will not get all weepy, but this confidence is a sure bet that I'll ugly cry all over myself.

What makes his completion of kindergarten remarkable is that it is the end of an era, and that makes me feel all sappy sentimental.

All three of my kids have been Abbey's Angels....with the same teacher, aide and special classroom granny (who is also our neighbor).



And 2016
(We'll get a photo of M and Ms. R---special classroom granny--tomorrow)

G was actually in another class when he first began kindergarten, but enrollment was off and he only had 16 kids in the classroom.  When they had to move the students to fill out classes, any student whose sibling had a certain teacher got to go to that teacher......and we were Angels again.

When N was in kindergarten, the class created a Reading Garden, which I hold near and dear, and which is a big reason I volunteer as beautification chairperson at the school.  I want to ensure that this flowerbed looks nice and stays looking nice because it was where our journey with the school began.

These ladies are top-notch wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to welcome my children and me into the elementary school.  

I know I will see them often in and around the school, but it is bittersweet knowing this ride is really over.  

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