Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The boys....explaining how babies get made and other things

I really have explained to my children how babies are made.

At this point, N would be mortified if I tried to bring it up to her given her tweeniness, but she has been told.

G and M have been told, as well, although tonight's conversation makes me think a review is in order.

It began by M saying that N grew in my belly, while he and G grew in D's belly.  I had to straighten that out.  When I told him boys don't have babies, that a baby will never grow in his tummy, his reaction was, "YES!"

With a double arm pump.

It was at this point that G launched into his explanation of the birds and the bees.

He said that a mom and a dad cuddle together.  The souls come out of the dad's belly button and go into the mom's belly button.  All of the souls rush to find an egg.  The first one to get into the egg becomes the baby.

I didn't correct him because 1. that was just a cute explanation and 2. he then asked who took care of the first baby because the first baby wouldn't have a mom or a dad because then it wasn't the first baby because the mom and dad had been babies.  I do not like being the "chump" in the "Stump the Chump" game, but I usually am when it involves my middle child.

At some point, dinosaurs and wooly mammoths (which sounded to me like he said, "Willy Amos," and I asked, "Who is Willy Amos?") were brought into the conversation.  I'm not sure how or why.

After that we watched a video of cats doing stupid stuff just so I wouldn't have to think so much.  

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