Friday, July 10, 2015

"Carrie is disgusted:" A meme

I've had this photo hanging up in my house for awhile.  I think it is my favorite from my childhood.

I was 3-years-old in this photograph.  The funny thing to me is how perfectly this photo, arms crossed and generally disgusted look on my face, sums up my adult personality.

D has a tendency to take photos of me making faces like this:

When I asked why he takes photos of me making goofy faces, he said, "Well, those are the faces you normally make."    

And it's true.  I meet the world with that "Are you serious?" look all the time.  

Another one.....although this one is basically me being flummoxed.

Anyway, I posted the childhood picture on FB, and a friend jokingly suggested I do a "Little Carrie is disgusted by" meme.

And so I did.

1. Carrie is disgusted by male strippers.  
This is NOT appealing.  

I guess I can't help thinking "Would I want D, even if he looked like this, to shake and grind in front of me in his skivvies?"  The answer is a definitive, "NO!" (D breathes a sigh of relief.)

What I find sexy is a well-dressed, physically fit man, dancing well.  It leaves a lot to the imagination, and that is where things are most sexy, at least in my opinion.

THIS!  This is awe-inspiring right here.  No need for nudity or partial nudity.  No need for dancing, even.  Just stand there.

 Ok, next.

2. Carrie is disgusted by forced reality.  
The same premise over and over and over.  

My children have been watching this on Netflix since it WON'T.STOP.RAINING.  I don't watch reality shows because the premise is just dumb.  Every episode is the same.  Some forced time frame.  Some goal they have to meet.  Criticisms by the judges.  How the people react, which is always the same--"I worked so hard to get here.  I can't be eliminated or I will cry."

And this one:

3. Carrie is disgusted by "blow-hards."  People who just run 
their mouths, talking smack without giving a seconds 
consideration to what they are saying.
Carrie is also disgusted by the media that gives them attention.
Bread and monkey circuses, baby.

Ahhh, this has been fun.  Gives me something to do instead of my grad class work.  

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