Friday, January 16, 2015

The OT continues...

G had his 1-year reevaluation for occupational therapy.  He will continue once a week sessions for at least another 6 months, although I'm anticipating another 12 to 18 months although he did improve in 4 of 6 categories.

He is now age-appropriate for fine motor integration and bilateral coordination which is great.  He remains weak in upper-limb coordination and balance although his therapist said balance is one of the last categories to see improvement so I shouldn't be worried about it.

He shows no issues at school.  He is reading at a beginning of 2nd grade level and has scored distinguished on both math and science assessments.  He loves to learn.

His teacher commented on his report card, "I'm looking forward to seeing his progress the second half of the year."  When I saw her in the hall I said, "I'm looking forward to meeting this G kid who is an angel at school because he ain't one at home."  

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping we could cease with OT.  In addition to being expensive, it is a job that falls on my shoulders, both taking him there and seeing that he does the at-home work.  But at the same time, knowing how much it has helped him, I think I would be a bit frightened to stop it.  Would the tantrums return?  I'm sure no matter when we stop, I will wonder if he will revert back somehow.

I find it always difficult to project to the future, to think of what he might be at age 10 or 12, to anticipate whether some of these developmental things will "catch-up" in time, although on a longer time continuum than other kids.  I try to remind myself that his issues are, all things considered, quite minor.

So we shall keep plugging along and see what another 6 months of therapy and maturity bring.

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